Sunday, 11 April 2010

Here comes the dawn. 4am mid summer last year. This is such a magical time of day, when the blackbirds are the first to sing and then theres a huge chorus of  bird song. No other sound at all!   I love the soft light waking up the flowers and diamonds of dew on the grass. This is when I walk bare foot in the garden to feel the energy renew all around with the coolness of the morning air.
Celebrating the morning

The colour contrast of the gold light of the candles with the indigo light of the dawn

After a few hours of dream time.      The brightest orange opens its petals to the sun.  Californian Poppy.
Where Bamba goes at night, I do not know........

The weekend before I had to leave this place for a new home, a rainbow (it was so close!) gave me a cheery farewell.   The sweet doves, that are always sitting there, so content.

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