Monday, 17 January 2011

power animals

A painting for Emma and Chris.

Power animals and guides are with you through out your life time and its the shamanic way to speak, dance or become one with your power animal. Whether its through journeying or working through your dreams while you sleep.. You can have many guides through out your life time depending on what attributes the animal brings and what it is you need at any moment of time. There's one very special power animal that will be with you always. 

Owl attributes are clear sightedness, intuition,wisdom, messenger of omens, comfort with shadow self, freedom and moon magic.
If owl is your power animal or guide, it can pierce through illusions and look past blocks to find the truth.  The owl can also teach us to see the darkest parts of our psyche and learn with great wisdom about that which has become hidden. The owl flys so silently through the world it can teach us how to do the same.

Commissions  for power animal paintings are always welcome. 

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