Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dreams, shadows and rockpools.

While in Cornwall, we spent alot of our dreamy days on the beach.  Trebarwith Strand is one of my favorites.

The sea was still icy cold from the winter and I could just bring myself to paddle up to my knees in the waves. 

The rockpools were so deep with the most fantastic colours of blues.   My little girl Megan managed to get a wetsuit and imagined herself a seal or mermaid on the rocks then jumping into the pools.

Waterfall and stream running into the waves of the Atlantic.

Waves of the Atlantic Ocean at Sunset.

Dancing waves rolling in.

Running in the pools and watching the sunset as the tide goes out.

Gull Rock in the distance.  I imagine a wonderful place for mermaids to dwell.

This is such a magical place for inspiration and some stories say, a healing place for the heart.


  1. It sounds as though you had a lovely time in this beautiful land. How lovely that you let the spirit of the place mingle with yours.

  2. What an absolutely lovely place ~ magical indeed!

  3. what a magical place - my daughter went to the UK last year and the highlight of her visit was Cornwall - now i can see why. i love how you are using your art and the message it has

  4. Looks & sounds like you had a great trip. Such a beautiful place, it brings back many wonderful memories from my childhood, my grandparents lived in Cornwall & we spent all our holidays down there. I so wish i could get down to see your exhibition, your work is so inspiring x

  5. Hello Amanda, haven't been here before, what gorgeous images! but keep seeing your http coming up on my blog - I LOVE your art, just got a couple of your cards off Slippery Jacks - and can't bring myself to send them to other people, keeping them for me, developing a micro-gallery of card sized pics!

  6. Love the photography. Gull Rock in the distance: It looks amazing!