Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Home schooling Megan (Pixie)

Over the last few weeks, I have (what it feels like) taken the big leap of change and started to homeschool my daughter Megan.  She had just 4 days at High School of her choice and hated everything there was to hate about public schools.  Megan is a sensitive soul and I've always given her the choice for home schooling.
Sooooo...... everything she is learning is through creativity of some sort and how you can be creative with every moment that comes to you.  No matter what comes your way you can change it for the better.  As she is 11 years old and coming into her teenage years soon, I feel this is important to learn now and hopefully something she will not forget  completely while in times of heart ache and wild emotions.  God knows, I wish I knew all this when I was her age!
I feel I'm just beginning to really know my little girl. I know it sounds crazy, but really, what time did I actually spend connecting with her soul and dreams. Every day now I can let her guide the day. Whether its art and crafts, natural science,the cosmos and stars, creative writing, book binding, doll making, watching music videos, playing music, designing clothes and there is still so much to explore!!  Megan still loves to learn as much as she can about the world  and maths is now becoming one of her favorite subjects as she has learnt where the possiblities are for using such a subject. Sciences especially!   We have found an amazing book by Floris Publishers called 'Maths in Nature, Space and Time'  I've ordered so many wonderfilled books from this publisher lately and our days are filled with learning and creating together.
A list of books I have already are listed at the end of this post.

Please let me know about any of you homeschooling or have been homeschooled yourselves.  I feel that I'm starting over again with the things I should have learned as a child, but we never stop learning do we.

We hunted around a few second-hand shops for more cupboards and bookcases, and this is what we found!!    I had to divide it in two with the bookcase separate. Our ceiling in just 1'' too low!

Flowers from our garden.

Beautiful little soul, Megan.


Geology and Astronomy.
Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time.
Muscles and bones.
The age of revolution.
The age of Discovery.


New eyes for Plants - for observing and drawing plants.
Colour Dynamics.
Words in Place - Reconnecting with Nature through creative writing.


Soul Development through Handwriting.


Keys to Drawing with Imagination

With all the books I already have on art, mythologies, fairytales, crafts etc. We should have a couple of years worth of learning ahead.  But always looking out for more!

Megan will have her blog page up and running soon, so I'll let you all know about it soon.


  1. it sounds like you two are on an awesome adventure together. I think i would have thrived to learn like this. public schools are not for everyone. wishing you magical learning and fun together.

  2. Well done you! I wish I could of homeschooled my Daughter. She hated secondery school and suffered bullying on occasions.I think there is much more to learn away from school. My friend homeschooled her children and the classroom was the world as they travelled alot. Her son went on to Oxford, so it speaks for itself. Good Luck, you will be a wonderful teacher I'm sure...
    Blessings to you both

  3. Hi, and well done with your decision to homeschool, its something I've only thought about, and really admire parents who do it. Its wonderful that youre getting to know your daughter in this way, and letting her guide the day. I came from a link to your art at Sur La Lune, & am glad I did:)

  4. I think you are both beautiful souls that have each other. Mandy, you are so insightful and such an incredible mother. If my clumsy words don't reach deep enough into my heart to really express how your spirit moves me then all I can really say is, I love you.

  5. I am just thinking about homeschooling for my oldest daughter who is now 14. She is in highschool and it isn't going well... I am scared but at the same time very excited... I'll continue to gollow you, and will keep you informed! :) Have a beautiful trip!

  6. Not sure if you will see this post being as it is nearly a year later, it was through your wonderful pictures that I came across your blog. I then saw that you were starting homeschool, and that your daughter sounds like mine, a gentle soul who would have been swallowed up by "the system". I have added the books you suggested to my amazon wishlist, they sound like something that I would enjoy never mind my daughter, who would spend all of her days creating, crochet! she just needs to teach me. But as she is home educated we have all of the time in the world, but I want to bring a joy of nature to both of my children who are home educated and myself aswell, thanks for mentioning the books and I hope you are enjoying your home schooling journey, we have been homeschooling now 7/8 years and we all love it, best wishes from a yorkshire mum, Rosie.