Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Creative Art Journals

I love creating art journals!
 After a very creative winter the first signs of spring are here!  The days are a little warmer as I gather my ideas for workshops later this year.
The very first of 2012 is an art journal workshop. I'm taking bookings for the 24th and/or 25th March, so I thought I had to show my own art journals and pages, or some of them anyway, here on my blog page.

The first to show you is a painted fabric journal with just black and white sketches inside. These pages tell of a few myths and snippets of folklore. I love the contrast between texture and colour on the cover with smooth paper, drawings and words on the inside. This journal has only eight pages but I'm hoping to add more signatures as I go along.

Here are a few more fabric journals I have made in the past.  One of these is a painted canvas journal and others are a mix of textures with fabric, mica and colourful buttons.

This is a recycled, hard backed book that I've altered for another art journal.  This has loads of pages, so many that I can't close the journal. It stands as a piece of art on a shelf with other colourful books. Here are a few of the pages inside.

The next journal to show you I finished a few weeks ago.  This has just the images inside that I plan to make into greeting cards.

I'm looking forward to teaching others how they can create their own art journals. I have been thinking of teaching for so long now, so start, I must!


  1. Every page more gorgeous than the last! I so enjoyed this peek into your creative process....the outpouring of your hopes, dreams, thoughts and wishes......beautifully articulated!

  2. Absolutely stunning, beautiful and so so so special.
    I do love art journals - they can turn into something incredibly precious. :)

  3. Wow these are gorgeous.

    I can't wait to see how the cards come out, they look like they are going to be beautiful.

  4. your pages are magically wonderful. i so enjoyed taking to heart the details you breathe life into. i can only imagine that you will be a wonderful teacher, you have so much to offer.

  5. Oh...if I only lived closer! Such beautiful work.

  6. I echo Colleen… if only I lived nearer.