Monday, 24 December 2012

Frosty days and yule.

These past days have been a mixture of frosty days and other times it has rained and rained creating the usually tranquil streams and quiet rivers to flood into the fields. We have so many floods here in the UK now. Today I have heard there are 500 flood warnings.
I am wishing for snow so we all can have that yule time and Christmas magic.  Whether floods or snow the roads are difficult to pass so we may as well have our sledges and have some fun.
The widened rivers have at least brought a few egrets close and they are a beautiful sight!

Walking in a frosty woodland, gathering ideas for how to decorate inside my home for yule and christmas.

Inspiration for new paintings.  The way the grasses look as empty stalks and the seeds as empty shells. Trees catching the light of an early frosty morning.  Bright stars against a deep inky night sky.  The blues, indigos, muted greens and greys.

Nature looks like it is frozen in time.    Ice making everything sparkle in the soft sunlight.  The time of year to celebrate the re-birth of the sun and after the 25th December, the days start to get longer.

Cosy and warm by the fireside with trinkets and stars and the feel of fairytale magic in the air and a new year ready to begin, carrying within it's wings, hope, love and joy.  I remember these magical days as a child and hold the memories close to my heart.

Wishing you all a wonder-filled Yule, Christmas and New Year and may all your dreams and wishes come true.    Lots of love.


  1. love to you Amanda have a magical time xxxx Suzy

  2. Oh, how lovely! Your home and surroundings look so enchanting! And I am completely smitten with your badger painting...delightful! <3

    Have a magical Yule, a merry Christmas, and a gorgeous New Year!!

  3. so lovely to have these glimpses of your frosty world. nice to know you will stay home and enjoy what you can while the roads are challenging to navigate.

    lovely to see your holiday spirit in all the things you do. as well as your beautiful art.

    sending you wishes for a lovely holiday season, a beautiful new year to you dear woman.
    warmly, tammie

  4. Thank you Tammie. A happy creative new year to you. XXX

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