Friday, 4 July 2014

New 'Heart' prints.

It has been so long since my last post, every day has been wonderfully busy painting, fulfilling orders for shops, making a new collection of giclee prints from my original paintings and I'm starting to create a new online art gallery.  In this post, I wish to show you the new 'Heart' prints. These are printed on A4 matt archival paper with archival inks and hand embellished with touches of gold leaf.
These are now ready and listed in my etsy shop.

 'The First Song' by Amanda Clark. (c)

'February Moon' (c)


'The Last Snow' (c)


'April Eve' (c)

'May Meadow' (c)

'The Crown of Summer'

'A Gift to the Moon' (c)

'August Moon' (c)

'Searching' (c)

'Fields of Lavender' (c)

'Fairytale' (c)

More new paintings and prints coming soon along with a new website!



  1. They're absolutely gorgeous Amanda!
    Jess x

  2. I love these so much, when I saw the first there was a sudden song in me that just kept soaring as I scrolled down to see the rest. I wish I was a rich woman, so I could buy them all. There is simply no choosing a favourite. You have an exquisite talent.

  3. The Blackbird means so much to me. After painting until the early hours of the morning, I listen for their first song and this year a blackbird sings from the roof of my home. This Spring and Summer has given me so much inspiration.