Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Collection of paintings and spirit art dolls.

These are a few of the new paintings I've been creating over the winter months for a solo exhibition at the 'Shire Hall' in Bodmin this May. These are smaller paintings to be shown with the larger landscape canvases.

 My little girl, Megan has been helping me to make spirit art dolls with painted calico. Sewing tiny crystal chips and beads onto these dolls to give them extra specialbility. A few rag dolls inspired from people we meet at the summer festivals. We have yet to make more clothing for them from recycled fabrics and found treasures.  I will be selling the spirit dolls soon.

Artwork by Amanda Clark 2011


  1. Wow, beautiful display! I love the dolls :)

  2. so lovely to see what you have been up to. your art touches the magic in my heart and feels so good. how lovely that you and your daughter enjoy art together!

  3. Beautiful art work, saw you on the etsy blog post! ;)

  4. Wonderful, your work is beautiful, i especially love your hares! I wish i was down that way so i could pop into the exhibition. thank you for coming over to visit, its so lovely to meet you at the table too x

  5. The dolls are very cute and have that "folk" feel. I love that you're inspired by fairy tales.

    Your art is very serene and pretty.

    I myself have been inspired by swans. So it's exciting to see a fellow illustrator's inspiration.

    Take a look at my work:

    Good luck!
    Tory N.

  6. Hi, I came across your artwork on the Witches fanpage on facebook and had to track you down on blogger, I love your whimsical style and colour schemes, very influential. Can't wait to your new work :)

    Kazz xx