Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Re-newing from the old.

Rediscovering the ideas of past paintings.

Looking back at the artwork I painted about 15 years ago has given me the inspiration to mix up the old with the new. Extending the body of work of the last few years.
The warm coloured paintings of the 'Old World' interiors are places of the heart and home with secret places, doorways and stairs leading the viewer on mysterious wanderings and things to explore; artifacts, sacred objects, candle holders and cupboards.
'Morning Light' by Amanda Clark

Within these works of art I began painting doorways and windows connecting directly with the outside world. Contrasting landscapes and views of the natural world with folklore and fairytale, stories and journeys, another world of mystery and magic.    The windows and doorways connecting us to our soul's journeys.   Secrets being revealed at every turn on our path.
Every new day brings along with it some beautiful new bird song, light and wisdom.

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  1. so lovely to find inspiration in your past mixed with the new of your days now. lovely to drop in and see what you are up to!