Thursday, 17 March 2011

Earth and Moon.

On the 19th March, the moon will appear unusally large in the night sky as it reaches a point of 'lunar perigee'. The moon could appear up to 30% brighter in the sky, especially when it rises on the eastern horizon at sunset.  This is called a 'Super Moon'.

It's a beautiful misty March morning. Up at 7.30am.  I sent the children off to their village school, fed the chickens,  ducks and nearly tripped over 'Bamba' my cat, on the black and white rug in the hallway. Who's silly idea was that to get a rug the same colour as the cat anyway?......Ok, so it was my idea. Bamba just seems to melt into the labyrinth of the shapes in the rug.

  Bamba sits by my feet while I make a fresh pot of coffee.He's just waiting for a sip of cream that I always save for him.  He doesn't much care for the chickens and ducks when they are freedom planning in the garden. Whenever he wants to go out on one of his adventures, he slinks away around the edges of the veranda into the bushes of rosemary and lavender, then through the ivy and tree trunks into the next garden.  Then where he goes for the next few hours, I have absolutely no idea at all! Sneaking up on white hares and black crows no doubt.

Well, I had a very late night painting the collection of fairytale pictures, so this pot of coffee is very much needed to wake my dreamy head. I could so easily go back to a warm cozy bed and carry on with the wanderings of my soul; but painting is also a wandering for the soul for me. Not asleep, but somewhere inbetween. Only a place I can go. Very much a healing place where insights and imagination meet.

'Earth and Moon'  by Amanda Clark. 

The inspiration for this painting 'Earth and Moon', was from some interesting writings that I read a few weeks ago about the moon at this time is the closesr to the earth in every 18 years or so.  This is when the magnetic pull is at it's strongest. 
Emotions too must be very strong at this time.  The interconnectedness of all the celestral and human life is truly amazing.  The insight of 'all is one' is at it's most clear.  How this effects the animal and plant kingdoms I'm not sure.
I try to plant seeds at the right time of the luna cycle.
I will be watching how the seeds grow in the next couple of weeks and months to see if there is any marked difference.
It is also said that the 'super moon' could sometimes create earthquakes around this time due to the magnetic pull.  New Zealand and Japan has had some devastating earthquakes and tsunami this month . Lets hope there's no more and the moon will lessen it's strength on the earth. This painting tells of the unconditional love we all must try to feel and be in hard times and to send it out to all who need it most.


  1. Beautiful and timely piece, your work is full of a tranquil magic.
    My Heart is with them also praying for strength, love and peace.

  2. dear lady, this is a lovely piece, full of feeling and beauty. Love to all is a wonderful inspiration.

  3. Lovely painting, and lovely thoughts. In a time of tragedy, we do realize just how interconnected we all are, and must be.

    I'm glad to have finally been able to link to your blog (I couldn't link from your picture on my blog - a problem I've had before with Blogger.) Look forward to seeing and reading more.

  4. Very lovely painting.
    And I know what you mean when you say that painting is a wandering of the soul. :)
    Have alovely day,

  5. Beyond beautiful, My lore....and in intention...

    I do most of my painting in the wee hours, as well....sleeping just isn't as satisfying as seeing a finished piece born of dreams and clothed in paint :)

  6. Thank you everyone, such beautiful words you say. Big hugs. XX

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