Saturday, 19 March 2011

Moon Dreams and Fields of Jade

Here is another version of the Earth and Moon, titled  'Moon Dream'.
Moon Dream by Amanda Clark 2011.

The meanings of moon dreams.
Dreams of the moon can symbolize romantic feelings and hopes, but also silvery reflections of intuitions, creativity, developmental stages of the self, fertility, the awakenings of the unconscious and alchemy or metamorphic changes. These dreams can sometimes be a transition of the feminine principle working through the cycle of the moon.

As intuition is information from the higher self, the all knowing.  The moon in dreams can be telling us to listen more to our intuition or our souls guiding feelings.
The full moon can indicate a higher level of intuitional strength. A crescent moon can indicate the beginning of trust in yourself and the feelings of the heart, this starts to bring  messages from the unconscious into the light.

Fertility and creativity are associated with the feminine. The full moon may have the meaning of potent creativity, and full fertility.

When dreaming, if the full moon is close or touching the earth, it can mean we are completely connected to our intuition, feelings and creativity. A small moon  in the night sky, or further away from the earth, seems to mean have become distant from our emotions and intuition or creativity.

Sea Mist and Moon by Amanda Clark 2011

Fields of Jade by Amanda Clark 2011.

In folklore and myth, Luna was regarded as a giver of dew and moisture. A secret silver dew of life.
 Luna and Mercurius sprinkled the dismembered dragon with her water and restores him back to life.

The Hare or Rabbit in the moon is called 'The Jade Rabbit' in chinese legends and myths. He was the maker of the elixir of immortality. The Aztecs also have legends of the hare in the moon, and various stories from the Americas.  Read the link to discover the Aztec legend of the God Quetzalcoatl and the Native American legend about the hare/rabbit and the moon.

I wonder if there is any meaning with the moon being at it's closest in nearly 20 years and this year being the chinese year of the rabbit........umm, something to wonder while I'm creating new pieces of work.


  1. Your work puts me at ease....takes me on a journey...opens my soul to those little things otherwise undetected...

    So beautiful!

  2. your new version is lovely
    and magical. Your art is so lovely and full of a wonderful spirit.
    thank you for sharing about the fat moon that shines down on us as winter slides away and spring slides in..... though I have 2 ft. of snow in my yard/forest.... spring obviously is arriving. my heart greets a new season and kisses winter farewell with tenderness
    with gratefulness
    for sheltering my heart under a cloak of hibernation
    caring for seeds as they awaited spring.

  3. These are beautiful. (I've always had a wish-dream of living in a little thatched cottage nestled in green hills and fields of wildflowers with the sea nearby, and to be able to see and hear the moon and stars overhead at night.)

  4. That's my wish too Lynn. Some day! X
    Thank you for all your beautiful comments. Much love. XX

  5. Love your distinctive style. Lovely.