Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sacred places.....this time.

When the sea mist rolls in from the cornish sea, there is a deep feeling of mystery and magic. Filled with stories of mermaids, shipwrecks, myths and folklore.  The salty waves unchanged and our footprints in the sand have other stories to tell of this time, one day to be a myth too.

Sea Witch.   Amanda Clark 2011.

Secret Cove.

Ancient megalith stones.  New secrets unfolding all the time.  Who were we then and how much of the old wisdom have we lost.

Upon Rough Tor.    By Amanda Clark 2010.

Beautiful colours of Rocky Valley near Tintagel.    If you follow the path here you come to an old mill and 2 labyrinths carved on the stones of the valley wall.  Then follow somemore and you reach the ocean.

If you follow this same path the other way, you can walk through the most enchanting wood I have ever seen to the sacred place of St Nectan's Glen.  A sacred waterfall.

' The Picture Parlour' art galley in Boscastle.  A beautiful little gallery.  They have some of my original paintings and prints for sale. There is also a 'Witch Museum' in Boscastle.
Glastonbury Tor at Summer Solstice 2010.  There is an art gallery in the town.  Glastonbury Art Gallery also stock my work.


  1. Lovely pictures....and your art....just so dreamy....

    Your work always transports me to a place frozen in time....still in its perfection and rich in Natural beauty!

    I would love to be able to visit that gallery and see your originals.....inspiring, I'm sure :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Especially love "Labyrinth."

  3. Gorgeous pictures and art work - I went to Cornwall for the first time last year and fell in love with Boscastle.. and found it almost impossible to tear myself away from the Museum of Witchcraft. It's all just so beautiful there.

  4. Beautiful artwork :) you have been to my neck of the woods :) inspiration overload i hope you had a great visit, i will have a look at you work nevt time i vist boscastle. solstice blessings

  5. Amanda,
    thank you for sharing all your gorgeous art with us. Your sea witch is gorgeous and mysterious. I love her eyes and the colors you have chose to breathe life into her! Thank you for the music also.

  6. Many, many thanks for expressing in this way and for sharing it. Very beautiful. Best blessings to you and yours.

  7. beautiful designs, great photos! love your blog!!!