Monday, 18 July 2011

Inspirations and illustrations

I've been thinking lately of a book to create of the inspirations for my work.  I need your help.
What would you most like to see in this book, paintings, illustrations, fairytale, folklore, tree moons and goddesses?  Information on animal totems and meanings?  Ideas of sacred, healing gardens for your own use and meditations?  All of this and the 'wheel of the year' associations and the tree ogham.
Here are a few illustration for this book.    Looks like I'm gonna be busy for a while, but I will keep you posted on my progress.


  1. All of the above!! I am really limited in my garden, so if there is anything about making indoor space (tiny) for meditation that would be wonderful. At the moment my mantelpiece is a kind of small-scale altar. There is nowhere else to put anything, so any books with hints, tips and beautiful pictures would be a winner with me.

  2. these paintings are gorgeous.

    Well I think it would be wonderful if you shared a painting and then wrote about the inspirations for that piece.

  3. I just got given a card with your painting Beltane2 on it from a very dear druid friend. It is so lovely! So I just thought I would stop by and tell you how much I love your work and how inspirational it is.

  4. Love ALL the ideas above for your book, but particularly sacred gardens. There are a couple of small, special gardens that are so inspiring to me and bring me such joy & peace.
    It's so lovely to learn how other artists get inspiration for their work. My art tutor is always telling me I should have an exhibition & explain how I get my ideas, so I really admire your idea of a book and would love to buy it!:)

  5. The ideas that you have already suggested would have me signing up for a copy already. I would like to see lots of visualisations for opening up the imagination. These would be good for the days that you feel blocked and need to open up the imagination.