Saturday, 8 February 2014

New 'Heart' art prints ready for Valentine's

During the last week or so, while the rain and wind storms were raging outside my window, I decided to paint a few new originals for art prints to sell in my etsy shop.  Staying cosy and warm, I dreamed of Spring and the sunnier days to come but it is soon Valentine's Day and thought these prints would be perfect to do for this time of year.



'Rising Moon'

'The Moon and the Stars'

'The Gift'

All of these art prints have touches of gold leaf in the details, which I feel, make the colours sing and adds to the beauty of the prints.
More small originals coming soon.


  1. Amanda!!! These are enchantingly beautiful! Every detail is so lovely and a joy to see. Sweet days and nights to you.

  2. I adore these!! The borders are so perfect and encapsulate such wonderful little worlds.