Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Paintings for 'Obsidian Gallery'.

During the last couple of months of the very wet and soggy British Winter, I have been creating new paintings for a wonderful art gallery, 'Obsidian'.  This is a very special art exhibition of some of my favourite artists in the UK.   Ed Org with his wonderful fantasy art and books.   Jesa Marshall, beautiful jewellery!   Julien Hatswell,  Amazing art, sculptures and clocks.  Sue Burne, stunning glass engraver. Also Sue Rawley, magical pewter boxes and mirrors.
If you are around Stoke Mandeville from the 14th February, please pop in and our work on display.

These are a few of the paintings I will be showing along with these artists.

The Waiting by Amanda Clark 

The Hare and Moon by Amanda Clark

The Watcher by Amanda Clark

All of my images are copyrighted so please ask first for any use. Thank you.

In the next blog, I will be showing my new tiny original paintings of butterflies.


  1. The watcher is my fave ~ one good thing about our weather, less distraction to be outside = more time in the studio ;) Good luck with the exhibition, wish I could make it.

  2. That is true Ruthie. Winter is time to paint!

  3. hello Amanda,
    this sounds like a wonderful group of artists.
    Your paintings are gorgeous! Magical too. I love the surprising details, like the wee bit of house barely peaking through the trees. And that shell, wonderful! wishing you a successful show.

  4. Oh, these are all beautiful and magical - I'm sure the exhibition will be a great success!

  5. Oh they're gorgeous...I love Watcher - the colors of the sky and the glow of the moon are perfect. Best wishes to you!

  6. Fantastic work! Haven't visited for awhile but love seeing all the new art.......