Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Paintings and Poems

The Woods

Covered and buried in leaves,
Under the trees, under the wispy sky,
The earth, she whispers and  breathes.
My ear to the ground,
Her heart beat a deeper sound,
Then matches with mine. My light shines.
Slowly the trees move and sway above me,
 Moving patterns of sun light brings more life.
Connecting my soul with the heavens, 
Bringing peace in, bring love in.
Moving, spiralling to a place I remember,
Beyond the womb of time.



Think this was me as a little girl.

Ever seen a white crow?   This painting is called 'Souls'

A painting called 'Freedom'.                                                                               
I feel my heart in flight when
 I'm painting and wandering in
 nature,  by the sea, and early
mornings at dawn.

 and sacred spirals   

'The Hare and Crow'  
There's beauty everywhere, just have to choose to see it.

The White Hare