Saturday, 9 June 2012

Spirit Dolls, art and painting and workshops.

As the British summer has failed to show yet and not much is growing  in the garden. I've been creating a few more ideas for textile, hand painted spirit dolls and I have found a way to decorate them as if painting on canvas.
Keeping the shapes of the dolls simple, the patterns and symbols make them into little art sculptures and  then sewing beads, crystal chips and shells onto them for glorious texture.  They are lovely to hold!
I have had commissions to make spirit dolls for people  with their positive intent , or wishes and used many different herbs for filling, such as lavender, dried rose petals, sage, jasmine with trinkets, twigs from trees of the ogham, crystals and messages have also been hidden inside. Natural wool is also used to fill out the body of the dolls.  These spirit dolls are made unique for each person. They represent the healing that the person needs at the time. Whether it is comfort, love, strength, laughter, joy, protection or transformation to be able to move forward in their life.  They make lovely gifts for friends too.  Stars and moons make perfect dolls for children's rooms made in the same way.
Here are just a few types of spirit dolls that can be made.
I will be making more for my etsy shop soon and have finally decided to teach how to make them in a new workshop.  This will be for two days, and people have the choice to come for one day or two.

This is a doll my daughter Megan made with tiny pieces of felt hearts and flowers.

Tiny maiden dolls to carry around with you.

A spirit doll can be an amulet or a talisman. Protection or to attract positive energy. Making your own spirit dolls are so much fun and wildly creative!  Magical, sweet, intuitive and inspiring.
If you would like to come to this spirit doll workshop, I can send you the details by email.

If you already make spirit dolls, I would love to hear about the positive changes and wonderful things that have happened to you.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The winners!!

Thank you everyone for taking part and leaving your favorite quotes.  All are very special to the creative kind such as ourselves.
So, after writing everyones name on pieces of paper, folding up tight and mixing them up in a bowl, I let my daughter Megan take the three that will be winning a print each.
The winners are Hannahbird  , for the print 'Trackways'
                         Donna-Q    , for the print 'Morning Dew'
          and..........Michelle Erica Green   , for The Mystic Knight'.!
Please leave me your email/ and address so I can send them to you.

Much love to you all from here and facebook.  I'm sure I will be giving away something else soon.