Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bluebell Wood and new paintings.

The beautiful days of mid Spring warms my body and soul for the blissful Summer ahead and as the days become longer we can spend much more time enjoying walks through the woods and along the edges of meadows.  Bluebells fill the woodland floor creating a carpet of blues and new leaves of ferns uncurling. The jewel like greens and creamy pink blossoms are gifts from the trees for the birds that are singing their celebration of Spring time once again.

Natural archways and tiny bridges over streams take me deeper into an emerald and sapphire dream.

 Images and sights of this magical world start to manifest inspirations for new paintings.

Bluebell Moon by Amanda Clark.

A Blackbird's Tale by Amanda Clark.

Moon Light Wood by Amanda Clark.

Company of a Blackbird by Amanda Clark

Amber is full of joy on her walks. Leaping around like a deer.

The Woodland Edge by Amanda Clark.