Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mystical Mornings.

Serene and still. The cold December misty morning, holding back the sun rays from kissing the earth. I walked through the diamond air to the gathering of oaks and ashes.
The ghosts of Autumn playing among the silent, sleeping trees.
The crows speak of mystical tales while the diamonds of dew cling to the old and new.
Rosehip of Snow White's lips, the only vivid treasure for this misty Winter dream.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Having a few months to sort out for wholesale selling to shops and galleries, I've missed writing for my blog page so I'm sharing a few images of my 'Winter Wonderland' paintings for now and hope to share a story or two soon. These are also available in my etsy shop as prints and look out for the greeting cards too! A Winter's Dream' by Amanda Clark. 'Moon Stones' by Amanda Clark. 'Shaman Flight' by Amanda Clark 'Yule' by Amanda Clark. There are many other wintery paintings, prints and greeting cards being re listed in my shop in time for a magical Xmas.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Exhibiting in the wonderful 'Old chapel Gallery.'

These next couple of months I will be exhibiting in the wonderful 'Old Chapel Gallery'. There are beautiful pieces of art here. Please if you are near, pop in and have a look around.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Artist's sketches, new and old and beginning.

The last couple of weeks have been beautifully sunny and very warm, sometimes reaching up to the mid 30s. Summer is here at last and the garden is looking amazing this year with all the flowers and our honey bees are doing their magic travelling from colour to colour. After finishing a few commissions this last month, I have had a look back at some of the sketches I have kept in my art draw and decided to draw with pencil and pen and ink to create small pieces of art. First I'll show the older sketches. A sketch for each month for 'Earth Pathways Diary' 2012. This morning I went for a wander through the woodland behind my house, 6am and everything gleaming in the summer dew. A few photos of the woods and garden before I show you the newer sketches. The few new. There is a folklore tale that inspired me to draw 'The Keeper of Special Things'. To cut a long story short, and once upon a time, a young princess was lured into a Kings ancient greek kingdom by the most beautiful bright and shiny jewels of crystal and gold. Not so long after, when her father found out he was so angry at her he changed her into a jackdaw. This is why the jackdaw loves bright and shiny things....but look at where she is now and what she has found. I might make this into a story to write soon.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Forest Glens and Rocky Beaches.

This is just one day in Ceredigion.... By rivers and wooded glens. Wild flowers and ferns beside our feet, uncurling and smiling up to the warm sunlight. Moss covered pathways of wood and stone mark our pathway ahead by the riverside. Megan leads the way.
Two quiet beaches together separated by the tide, we tip-toe through the icy waves where the only footprints are our own.
Soft sand and ripples of light sparkle on our faces.
Eyes bright and the colour of the sky.
The icy waves chasing our toes.
Time to dream and let the sound of the waves sooth our souls.
Drifting clouds bring the colours of time.
The tide is coming back in now and we cross over the dark rocks with bare feet, trying to catch the red sparks of the sunlit sea.
Tired after the salty air we sleep. The soft dawn light mirrors the next day.