Friday, 7 March 2014

A gift of an early Spring after the storms of England.

The February storms have passed and these first few days of March have been amazing for the early buds and blossoms of the hedgerow and woods.  While walking the tiny country lanes I find that everywhere has  come alive with the first flowers of Spring. Snowdrops are fading now to create the space for daffodils and celandines and the first of the cherry blossom are in company of singing birds calling their mate home for the evening.
The soft Spring light after the rains has inspired new paintings of nature as it returns to new life.

The fresh greens and softness of creamy pinks against the dark branches of trees.

Beautiful calm, sunny days with whispers of mist over the water.

The Wren King by Amanda Clark (c)

       The First Signs of Spring by Amanda Clark (c).

            A Message of Spring by Amanda Clark (c).

              The First Song by Amanda Clark (c).

Prints of these 'Heart' paintings will be in my etsy shop very soon.