Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fairytale Landscapes

   Since my last post, time has moved along so quickly and it  has been a wonderfully busy few months for me. I have been painting new 'Fairytale Landscapes', selling original paintings, prints and greeting cards and I haven't had much time to spare to write on my blog page or finish the book I have half created.  After this busy season, I shall return to writing and illustrating again.
Thank you to all you friends and followers, and people who have kept me busy making and packing for the etsy sales of prints and cards.  You will soon have new prints to see.
Here are a few paintings I have been working on lately. 

'Sky of Angels' by Amanda Clark

 Inspiration for this painting comes from the incredible weather we have been having lately and  I was watching late one night, clouds moving so fast across the sky, it seemed as if they were flying to peoples aid.  They resembled 'Sky Angels'.  In the U.K, we have had so many floods.  Europe, America and other places near and far having terrible storms.   There is a story for children in my heart that I would love to write one day. A tale of our beautiful mother earth. Tales like these may be myths of our time one day.

A collection of new paintings.

A shop order for greeting cards.

Last weekend I shared a art and craft stall with my friends, Amanda Sheldrake and Sarah Turpin (Amber Caspian Art).

While I was there, I worked on three paintings so people could see how I added glazes and layers of colour for the back grounds and then the detail.

By Amanda Clark 
There is talk of snow here for next week.  We will see!