Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Helloo Spring Equinox!

It was such a beautiful warm, sunny day yesterday. I planted more flower and vegetable seeds for our garden and worked a little on the village school eco garden.  The birds were singing and keeping busy, especially the little robin that kept me company and watching for any stray worms to eat.

Flowers and shoots are pulling themselves out of the earth as the light and dark are at equals. Now the longer days are on their way back to us and we can look forward to warm spring days and the glorious summer.

Spring Equinox by Amanda Clark 2011

The Divinity is all around us now,
in the leaf, bud and early flowers.
In the bird song and their nest making.
In the cool breeze and the sprinkling of rain.
The new borns and new life.
The air,  the delicate aroma and freshness,
kisses my smiling face.
It is in the light and dark of equals.
In the earth and the sky.
Planting seeds here and now, so welcome life!
Welcome warm and joyful light.
Welcome and blessings to you, our Goddess of Spring.

Mother of the Dawn. by Amanda Clark 2011

Goddess of Spring and rebirth. A Goddess of new beginnings. Eostre's sacred animal is the hare or rabbit and represents creativity and fertility. The moon, spring, magic and mystery are also associated with the Goddess.
One legend was thought to explain the easter rabbit who laid eggs in a nest. The Goddess Eostre saved a baby bird from the cruel, harsh winter by turning it into a hare.  This magical hare was able to lay eggs and would forever more decorate the eggs as a gift for the Goddess.

The Norse Goddess, Freya, is also associated ( as with many others) with Eostre. She wears a magical necklace that represents the fire of the sun. She is also attended by lantern holding hares.

Land of the Hare.      Moon, Sun and Earth.  by Amanda Clark 2011.

Eggs  and the equinoxes are linked to the folk legend of being able to balance an egg on end during these times.

Naturally dyed eggs is something to make for a symbol ,used for this celebration. They can be dyed with onion skins.  Give this a try:

Collect some brown onion skins and cover the eggs with a couple of layers, then wrap this with paper towel and secure with elastic bands.
Boil these bundles for 20 mins - for a light bronze colour.
Or for 2hrs or so for a deeper bronze or mahogany colour.
Rinse with cold water and carefully unwrap and dry the eggs.
You should have  beautiful marbeled patterns that you can coat with a little cooking oil to bring out the colours and make them glossy.
Another way to make more patterns is to soak a leaf or flower in a little water and then place this onto the egg befor covering with onion skins.  It may help if you soak the onion skins in cool water aswell to help stick to the surface of the eggs.

Spring Light. by Amanda Clark 2010.

There are lots of ways to decorated a totem egg, and  you can bury these in your garden or favorite woodland after a few days, as more potent charms of re-newal.

Happy spring equinox! XXX

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Moon Dreams and Fields of Jade

Here is another version of the Earth and Moon, titled  'Moon Dream'.
Moon Dream by Amanda Clark 2011.

The meanings of moon dreams.
Dreams of the moon can symbolize romantic feelings and hopes, but also silvery reflections of intuitions, creativity, developmental stages of the self, fertility, the awakenings of the unconscious and alchemy or metamorphic changes. These dreams can sometimes be a transition of the feminine principle working through the cycle of the moon.

As intuition is information from the higher self, the all knowing.  The moon in dreams can be telling us to listen more to our intuition or our souls guiding feelings.
The full moon can indicate a higher level of intuitional strength. A crescent moon can indicate the beginning of trust in yourself and the feelings of the heart, this starts to bring  messages from the unconscious into the light.

Fertility and creativity are associated with the feminine. The full moon may have the meaning of potent creativity, and full fertility.

When dreaming, if the full moon is close or touching the earth, it can mean we are completely connected to our intuition, feelings and creativity. A small moon  in the night sky, or further away from the earth, seems to mean have become distant from our emotions and intuition or creativity.

Sea Mist and Moon by Amanda Clark 2011

Fields of Jade by Amanda Clark 2011.

In folklore and myth, Luna was regarded as a giver of dew and moisture. A secret silver dew of life.
 Luna and Mercurius sprinkled the dismembered dragon with her water and restores him back to life.


The Hare or Rabbit in the moon is called 'The Jade Rabbit' in chinese legends and myths. He was the maker of the elixir of immortality. The Aztecs also have legends of the hare in the moon, and various stories from the Americas.  Read the link to discover the Aztec legend of the God Quetzalcoatl and the Native American legend about the hare/rabbit and the moon.

I wonder if there is any meaning with the moon being at it's closest in nearly 20 years and this year being the chinese year of the rabbit........umm, something to wonder while I'm creating new pieces of work.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Earth and Moon.

On the 19th March, the moon will appear unusally large in the night sky as it reaches a point of 'lunar perigee'. The moon could appear up to 30% brighter in the sky, especially when it rises on the eastern horizon at sunset.  This is called a 'Super Moon'.

It's a beautiful misty March morning. Up at 7.30am.  I sent the children off to their village school, fed the chickens,  ducks and nearly tripped over 'Bamba' my cat, on the black and white rug in the hallway. Who's silly idea was that to get a rug the same colour as the cat anyway?......Ok, so it was my idea. Bamba just seems to melt into the labyrinth of the shapes in the rug.

  Bamba sits by my feet while I make a fresh pot of coffee.He's just waiting for a sip of cream that I always save for him.  He doesn't much care for the chickens and ducks when they are freedom planning in the garden. Whenever he wants to go out on one of his adventures, he slinks away around the edges of the veranda into the bushes of rosemary and lavender, then through the ivy and tree trunks into the next garden.  Then where he goes for the next few hours, I have absolutely no idea at all! Sneaking up on white hares and black crows no doubt.

Well, I had a very late night painting the collection of fairytale pictures, so this pot of coffee is very much needed to wake my dreamy head. I could so easily go back to a warm cozy bed and carry on with the wanderings of my soul; but painting is also a wandering for the soul for me. Not asleep, but somewhere inbetween. Only a place I can go. Very much a healing place where insights and imagination meet.

'Earth and Moon'  by Amanda Clark. 

The inspiration for this painting 'Earth and Moon', was from some interesting writings that I read a few weeks ago about the moon at this time is the closesr to the earth in every 18 years or so.  This is when the magnetic pull is at it's strongest. 
Emotions too must be very strong at this time.  The interconnectedness of all the celestral and human life is truly amazing.  The insight of 'all is one' is at it's most clear.  How this effects the animal and plant kingdoms I'm not sure.
I try to plant seeds at the right time of the luna cycle.   http://www.gardeningbythemoon.com/lunarfacts.html.
I will be watching how the seeds grow in the next couple of weeks and months to see if there is any marked difference.
It is also said that the 'super moon' could sometimes create earthquakes around this time due to the magnetic pull.  New Zealand and Japan has had some devastating earthquakes and tsunami this month . Lets hope there's no more and the moon will lessen it's strength on the earth. This painting tells of the unconditional love we all must try to feel and be in hard times and to send it out to all who need it most.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

I've always loved this fairytale of The Six Swans by J.L.C and W.C. Grimm. Having three older brothers, I feel empathy for the Swan Sister and her quest to bring back her brothers from separation. Variations of this beautiful tale are; The Six Swans, The Children of Lir and The Wild Swans.

The name of the swan in Scots Gaelic is - Eala.
Irish - Ela.
Welsh and Old Celtic - Alargh.

In the night sky, the constellation Cygnus, depicts a swan gliding through the Milky Way.

Swans have many different meanings in myth and folklore. They symbolize freedom, fidelity, love, companionship and loyalty.
Swans are also connected to the arts and mystics, dreamers and the Fairy Realm making them a wonderful totem animal for children.

In Celtic lore, swans can mean inspiration from the Otherworld, an enduring love and a symbol of transformation. The white swan is associated with the sun and the black swan with the night.

England and Celtic traditions, the swan is a powerful and ancient power animal. Here the swan is associated with goddesses of healing waters. They are connected with music, love, purity and the soul. They have mastered the three elements of earth, air and water, and are often fairy depicted as women in disguise who helps us to the Otherworld.

At certain festivals, such as at Samhain, Beltain or Summer Solstice, a swan can transform herself back into human form.

Native American traditions, from the Mayan to the Cheyenne, there is a story of a swan that tells a dragonfly that he has learned to surrender his body to the power of spirit and was taken to where the future lives. He saw many wonders high on sacred mountains and because of his faith and his acceptance he has been changed. He has learned to accept the state of grace. http://www.medicinecards.com/

Swan is the bird who may enter the Dreamtime and bring back knowledge and healing to the tribe.
(By David Carson and Jamie Sams. page. 192 - 195.)
In the Medicine Cards, the Swan teaches us to be at one with all planes of consciousness, and to trust in Great Spirit's protection. The Swan tells you ''accept your ability to know what lies ahead. Pay attention to your gut feelings and intuition''. Swan often indicates a soul level experience is about to commence.

Reversed - the Swan tells you to be more grounded and to pay attention to the unseen. Notice your surroundings and touch the earth, be still and focus on one reality or the other - the Dreamtime or the Mundane World. Stop the clutter in your mind and listen, or focus on a physical activity that will ground you. ( Medicine Cards. page. 195.)

The Druid Animal Oracle - by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

Wonderful Blog by Surlalune Fairytales.

Prints will be available in my etsy shop soon.