Friday, 13 January 2012

The Tree people

I've been busy painting the first new pictures of 2012 and wanted to show you the idea behind them. It may seem a little strange but so are my favourite fairytales!

Inspired by the 'Old Masters' with these renaissance kind-o-style paintings. I didn't quite know how these were going to turn out. Painting in acrylic with a subject that has taken months to paint in oils was a little tricky. These were painted as small paintings on board, some with added mica.

I feel that these should have a deep and profound fairy story behind them....based on true and ancient beliefs. Maybe one day I will write about them properly but here is a beginning. I had to start off from somewhere........Once upon a time, the tribes around the Earth had a magic man or women, a Shaman. This was the tribes King or Queen that they would come to see for healing, guidance, insight and wisdom for the times and journeys to come. Long before the Egyptians the shamans wore crowns on their heads with symbols, feathers, stone and gems, so you can see how our kings and queens still have these crowns (?).
The fae have the best crowns. Are they the shamans of old still on this earth plane?  Of course they are!!!.........

Please feel free to add anything to the story. This could get very interesting! I'll keep close to see how the story goes.  Good luck. X