Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fairy Tale for a Garden

Over the Easter weekend, I was in search of climbing plants for the garden and it was so difficult to choose between a rambling rose, dozens of clematis and jasmines for our veranda. The space is really quite small and needed something to grow over the roof but not take over the house. Well I didn't mind if the whole house was covered with these plants but Nolan had other ideas!
I  love the bohemian gardens that are reminiscent of fairy tales and of course very Eco which included tiny, sparkling fairy lights, solar panelled. We brought a thousand litre water tank to collect rain from the roof. Luckily that can be hidden from view. We try to plant flowers with vegetables and have flowering herbs and wild flowers for the honey bees.  But this year I wish for loads of colour!  So I may be painting decorative  panels for the fences and walls.  ( I could always paint the house.......shhhhh!! Is Nolan in the room?). Watch this space, there may be a few photos to show later for the summer!

Here are just a few gardens I adore.