Saturday, 9 March 2013

New Giclee prints of fairytales and folklore

During the long Winter months and icy cold nights I created a few new paintings inspired by folklore and fairytales.  By the end of February, I longed for the first signs of Spring after a beautiful 'Snow Queen' english Winter.  The first snowdrop flowers and crocus arrived, showing their faces to the sun.

Crystal and Amber by Amanda Clark 2013.

By the Blue Moon by Amanda Clark 2013.

Moonlit Tale by Amanda Clark 2012.

Luna by Amanda Clark 2012.

The First Snow by Amanda Clark 2012.

Shea by Amanda Clark 2012.

These original paintings are for sale and giclee prints will be available very soon . I am working on a new website for my original paintings and giclees so you will be able to see these and more in a few weeks.
Please contact me with any enquires, email: