Sunday, 29 July 2012

Magical summer days at last!

Finally the summer is here and the garden has suddenly been filled with a rainbow of colours.  All those rain clouds have gone for now and the water butts are full. From the second week of July the much needed sunshine has brought out the flowers and butterflies and the honeybees have been having a party on their much loved Angelica. Their queen waiting for the harvest and the happy workers to come home for the night.

While I'm tip-toeing between the delicate blooms, I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, fluttering wings of the little 'flower angels' floating from lavender to rose and marigold to lily.

Inspired by the patterns, spirals and colours of the garden this year, I have painted a few pieces of art for outside. Not my usual paintings....

...a little more abstract and I'm not used to painting these at all. I loved creating these though.

The unicorn-fish was an idea from a project I was making up one day for my children, called 'The Strange and Wonderful Creatures Hiding in your Garden.  We made stories and details of how these creatures would live and how you would find them.  I hope to share with you one day.

In a few days we will be away at 'The Green Gathering' and I've painted a colourful sign for the Fairy Glade space they are having there.

Nolan and I designed and made some tables for under the huge old oak tree. Some are still in need of log legs but the table tops are painted and varnished.  I think these would look great at home on my veranda or in a conservatory.  When we are back home I will show you photos of the tables at the festival.

So, after this post we will be packing and gathering what we have made for the festival and I'm bringing along my prints and art cards to sell on a blanket pitch.  Reeling in our kiddies from the woods and park and then travelling to the other side of the country to Wales. I'll show you the magic when I get back home.