Monday, 15 November 2010

Driving to Outwood Windmill.

All of the 42 paintings were taken to Outwood Surrey to the wonderful souls of 'Slippery Jacks', Sunday afternoon. We were driving in the darkest rain clouds we have ever seen!    The exhibition space is in the most enchanting little windmill called 'Outwood'.    Now we are back home, sitting by the fireside drinking mulled wine with a splash of brandy.  All the clouds have revealed the most stunning starry night, crystal clear cosmos, shooting stars and quarter moon.  The air so still with the calling of the owls in the oak tree.  Think its going to be a sparkly, frosty morning. I love these early mornings, light is silver and gold with ribbons of mist weaving between the trees.
 A preview of a few of the new paintings......   'Angel' has the silver and gold light.